Zhenliang Li

Graphics      Interactive      Art 


I’m a graphic interactive designer based in China.

Currently I am a freelancer. Previously worked at Ogilvy. I help teams turn their ideas into a living brand.


My Work

MSQ - Website Design

It is a branding project of Madison Square Park 

APOLLO - Typeface Design

I named my type design as Apollo is to pay tribute to the greatness of humankind. This font is divided into uppercase and lowercase. It is a very electromechanical font. The entire design is related to the development history of the Apollo mission. The text is used to express this Apollo mission. The landing site and the failure of the two Apollo missions are regrettable.

LITTLE TEA - Branding

Little tea is a re-branding project base on XiaoGuanCha a luxury tea brand in Chinese market.

MOONCAKE - Branding

AnYue is a branding project, the design of the logo is written in Chinese An Yue to reflect the tradition in my packaging design. The shape and taste of the brand logo are reflected in the black and white space to make this design More modern, simple, and clear.

CINEMA- App Design

Cinema is a App allowing people entertaining themselves at home during the pandemic.

GONG - Branding

This branch of the Palace Museum in New York has invited Chinese artist Ai Weiwei to hold an exhibition